Basilica of San Sebastiano - Acireale

Basilica of San Sebastiano - Acireale

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Piazza Lionardo Vigo. The Collegiate Basilica of San Sebastiano is located in Acireale (CT) and is one of the major Baroque churches. The Basilica is the most important monument of Acireale, declared a national monument. The first construction site of the basilica was opened in 1609, but the current temple was largely built after the disastrous earthquake of 1693 starting from the early 700s. The facade (design by Angelo Bellofiore, inlays by Diego and Giovanni Flavetta), has several orders and is preceded by a balustrade built in 1756 by Giovan Battista Marini based on a project by Vasta, full of statues depicting characters from the Old Testament. The interior, in the form of a Latin cross, is rich in frescoes by Paolo Vasta, including those in the transept and choir with some scenes from the life of the saint and those in the chapel of the Blessed Sacrament with scenes from the life of Christ and Venerando Costanzo (known as the Varvazza). To the right of the transept is the statue of San Sebastiano, which is traditionally carried in procession on an Argeteo fercolo on January 20.

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