Artemision (Ionic Temple dedicated to Artemis)
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Artemision (Ionic Temple dedicated to Artemis)

The remains of the Temple are still visible in the basement of the Senate building, seat of the Town Hall. The Temple stood next to the temple of Athena and has characters similar to the archaic Artemision of Ephesus. The construction of the temple dates back to the last decades of the sixth century BC. The Temple was of the type called "periptero", with a large covered pronaos, with several naves and open-air cell. It featured six columns on the short sides and sixteen on the long sides, fifteen meters high.

The Ionic Temple, located under the current Palazzo Vermexio, was probably never completed. It precedes the construction of the Athenaion by a few decades. On the site, abandoned after the suspension of the works, they were implanted
urban structures from various eras from Greek to the present. The sacred area of ​​the current Via Minerva linked it to the Athenaion. It was located more precisely under the former Church of San Sebastianello. Area subject to archaeological constraint (Text source: survey form no.109 Landscape Plan of the Province of Syracuse - Archaeological Heritage)

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