Lando Casilini state-owned equipped area
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Lando Casilini state-owned equipped area

From Barcelona follow the road that winds along the Idria stream. Follow this artery for about 4 Km. In a partly private and partly state-owned territory, and you will reach a not very dense pine forest, already crossed by fire and in the process of reconstitution, all state property which is the site of the area equipped that we wanted to achieve. In this environmental context, the equipped area is different from all the others that have been built in the Barcelona and Castroreale district; different mainly for the forest cover almost and exclusively with pines, but no less beautiful than the others. The happy position allows the view of the entire basin of the River Idria. The receptivity of the area in question is given by a few structures such as wooden benches and tables, a fire point, a toilet and a forest block used as a warehouse.

The proximity to the inhabited center of Barcelona has made it an area very popular with locals so it should be expanded but given the type of forest cover this expansion appears almost impracticable. The Forestry Administration wants to direct people to the other equipped areas of the district, in order to allow an environmental recovery of the area.

The other wooded realities of the district allow many users a different approach to the forest than in this area.

Common: Barcelona Well of Gotto
Wooded Complex: BM Idria
Vegetation type:

Toilets: 0
Toilets for the disabled: 0
Cooking points: 4
Tables: 8
Seats: 50
Drinking water points: 1
Non-drinking water points: 0
First aid points: 0

Height 400 m. 

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Note on Sources

The information on the equipped state-owned areas has as its main source the website of the Regional Forestry Department of Sicily (continuously updated) to which is added a very interesting brochure entitled "The State Equipped Areas in Sicily" of the same department published in 1999 with the Editorial Coordination of the 8th Group - Promotion, Development and Research, editors Agostino Gatto and Valeria Restuccia. Further information was obtained from direct access to the areas and from interviews with experts and operators in the sector.

For official information and updates to the lists, see the pages of the site of the Sicily region - Department of the Regional State Forestry Company

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