Equipped state-owned area Girato Ficuzza
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Equipped state-owned area Girato Ficuzza

Behind the large and sumptuous “Casina Reale” of Ficuzza, once the hunting lodge of Ferdinand I, king of the two Sicilies, there is an equipped area located in a flat area characterized by Mediterranean pine trees. Rustic tables, benches, cooking places, toilets and fountains with water are the minimum of receptivity in this area, which is very popular on holidays by various hikers and in summer by many groups of scouts. During the school period the area is a destination for trips as it is possible to visit the adjoining Center for the Recovery of Wild Fauna. To reach Ficuzza from Palermo you have to take the fast scroll for Agrigento, then follow the signs for Corleone. After the town of Marineo, on the SS 118, after Lake Scanzano, also known as the Madonna delle Grazie reservoir, in a curve you will meet an obelisk which represents the entrance to the hamlet of Ficuzza, which is a fraction of the Municipality of Corleone. The wooded area is dominated by the Rocca Busambra mountain massif over 1300 meters high and represents the oldest wood in Sicily passed under the management of the Regional State Forestry Company by the State Company when the Forestry Corps of the Sicilian Region was established.


Wooded complex - RNO “Ficuzza” - municipality of Corleone
<!– 15000
-> Absence of architectural barriers
1 toilet
Possibility of picnics thanks to: 3 tables, for a total of ? seats
1 drinking water points and 1 non-drinking water points

Height 700 m. 

Managing Body

Department of Regional State Forestry Company

Provincial Office of the Palermo Company

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Note on Sources

The information on the equipped state-owned areas has as its main source the website of the Regional Forestry Department of Sicily (continuously updated) to which is added a very interesting brochure entitled "The State Equipped Areas in Sicily" of the same department published in 1999 with the Editorial Coordination of the 8th Group - Promotion, Development and Research, editors Agostino Gatto and Valeria Restuccia. Further information was obtained from direct access to the areas and from interviews with experts and operators in the sector.

For official information and updates to the lists, see the pages of the site of the Sicily region - Department of the Regional State Forestry Company


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