Syracuse watermelon, "Zuccherino" or "Muluni ri acqua"
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Syracuse watermelon, "Zuccherino" or "Muluni ri acqua"


Product included in the national list of traditional agri-food products (PAT)

PAT type: Vegetable products in their natural state or processed

Production area: Syracuse

Technical data sheet of the traditional agri-food product (PAT)

Territory interested in production: Syracuse.

Brief description of the product: Fruit of oval shape, or elongated oval, weighing from 4 to 10 Kg. Consisting of thick green skin with irregular longitudinal white streaks, bright red pulp with dark brown seeds.

Description of the processing and maturing methods: First sorting in the countryside at the time of collection, subsequent calibration in the warehouse with relative stowage in wooden-cardboard binz or various packaging.


Specific materials and equipment used for preparation and conditioning: Warehouse materials, equipment and various packaging such as: tilting roller calibrator, wood-cardboard binz, plaform.

Description of the processing, storage and maturing rooms: Well ventilated and dry warehouses, equipped with cold rooms, forklifts, various types of packaging, tilting calibrator.

Elements proving that the methodologies have been practiced in a homogeneous way and according to traditional rules for a period of not less than 25 years: It is important to understand when the fruit reaches a weight of 2-3 kg, because all those imperfect fruits must be cut from the plant. This must be done by staff with thirty years of experience, as if the cut is not perfect it could cause irreparable damage to the entire plant.

Source Pat Cards: Sicily Region 

Card insertion: Ignazio Caloggero

Information contributions: Web, Region of Sicily

Note: The population of the cards of the Heritage database proceeds in incremental phases: cataloging, georeferencing, insertion of information and images. The cultural property in question has been cataloged, and the first information has been entered. In order to enrich the information content, further contributions are welcome, if you wish you can contribute through our area "Your Contributions"

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