Cults Myths and Legends of Ancient Sicily
 Nymphs and river gods: Crisa

Crisa is the river divinity who personifies the ancient river Crisa, today's Dittaino, which flows not far from Assoro, a small village near Leonforte, in the province of Enna.

Cicero speaks of a sanctuary in the countryside, on the road that leads from Assoro to Enna, dedicated to the river god Crisa[1]. He says that the governor-thief Verre sent an armed band that, during the night, tried to steal the marble statue of Crisa, placed inside the temple. The gang, however, failed to do so, thanks to the alarm raised by the guardians who brought a large mass of people from the fields who managed to defend the sanctuary.

[1] Cicero: Verrine lib II.IV, 96.



Cults Myths and Legends of Ancient Sicily by Ignazio Caloggero



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