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Cults of Ancient Sicily (2020)

Cults of Ancient Sicily (2022)

Author: Ignazio Caloggero - ISBN: 9788832060102;

Pages: 225 Paper edition. The book is also in hardcover and Kindle format

The book can be purchased on Amazon; © 2022 Centro Studi Helios srl

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The Book is the result of a profound study that concerns three sectors that are only apparently distinct: Mythology, Archeology and Folklore and is structured in six chapters:

  • Religion in ancient Sicily;
  • Cults of indigenous origin;
  • The main Greek cults;
  • Cults of oriental origin;
  • Minor cults and myths;
  • Nymphs and river gods.

Each chapter highlights the aspects that demonstrate how the ancient religions have influenced, in a syncretic key, the uses and customs of subsequent eras.
Among the authors studied it is possible to mention the classics such as Diodorus Siculus, Thucydides, Pausanias, Cicero, Herodotus, Plutarch, scholars of the past such as Fazello, Di-Blasi, Ettore Pais, Adolfo Holm, Giuseppe Pitrè, Salomone Marino, Emanuele Ciaceri, Biagio Pace, and also the authors closest to us such as Ambrogio Donini, Vincenzo Facchini, Bernabò Brea, Vincenzo Tusa, Ernesto De Miro, Paolo Matthiae and others.

The work is not just a simple summary of what other authors have written, but, on the contrary, there is, at the base, an intense work of "comparative analysis", which, together with the identification of a series of interrelated elements, in the three sectors subject to analysis, has made it possible to identify relationships that escaped the scholars of the past, as they were not in possession of all the information that, instead, we, today, have at our disposal, such as the archaeological discoveries, sometimes recent, which allow us to identify, with greater precision, the spread of certain cults. 

The book is an updated and revised edition of a previous work whose writing dates back to the early 90s even if the actual publication with the title: "Cults, Myths and Legends of Ancient Sicily" took place in 2017. From the first work of the 90s, revised and expanded, 2 volumes have been created, the first concentrated solely on the ancient religions of Ancient Sicily and a second, forthcoming, which tells of the so-called heroes and other mythical figures of the past.  

Discover other published volumes: Editions Centro Studi Helios


  • Introduction
  • Introduction
  1. Religion in Ancient Sicily
  2. Cults of indigenous origin
    • Demeter and Persephone (Ceres and Libera)
    • Daphnis
    • The Palici
    • adrano
    • Ibla
    • Cronos (Saturn)
    • Zeus (Jupiter)
    • Era (Juno)
    • Dionysus (Free)
    • Artemis (Diana)
    • Hermes (Mercury)
    • Ares (Mars)
    • Athena (Minerva)
    • Poseidon (Neptune)
    • Apollo
    • Aphrodite (Venus)
    • Cybele
    • Hephaestus (Vulcan)
    • Asclepius (Aesculapius)
    • The Dioscuri
  1. Cults of oriental origin
    • Baal
    • Tanit
    • Isis
    • Serapis
  1. Cults and Minor Myths.
    • Sale
    • Igea
    • Helios
    • Bread
    • Gaia
    • Pluto
    • The Galeots
    • The Sibyl of Lillibeo
    • Tyche (Luck)
  1. Nymphs and river gods
    • Ciane and Anapo
    • Arethusa and Alfeo
    • Hymera
    • Etna
    • Galatea and Aci
    • Camarina
    • Crimiso
    • crisa
    • Gela
    • Longan
    • Ionian
    • Myth of the three Nymphs and the birth of Sicily
    • Scilla and Cariddi
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