Giuseppe Tresca.

 The Glory of Saint George.

It is from 1787  The Glory of Saint George by Giuseppe Tresca (oil on canvas, 375 x 250 centimetres) signed and dated at the bottom “Joseph Tresca 1787”.

The work sees the saint in Roman military clothes with his arms open and looking towards Christ in the clouds surrounded by cherubs and seraphim, one of whom holds the cross in his hand and another gives the palm of martyrdom to the Saint.

Saint George, proud, dominates the dragon, who in turn has just finished killing a man whose skeleton remains, trampling it with his foot, while with his back slightly backwards to the right a groom holds a horse in check with his right hand and carries the 'helmet with the left.

On the left, still with her hands tied, the princess looks at her savior.

This work is among the last created by the affair, painted at the age of seventy-seven.

The Painter, born in Sciacca in 1710 and died in Palermo in 1795, trained initially in Palermo at the Serenario and subsequently in Rome in the workshop of Sebastiano Conca.

Having returned to Palermo in the 1950s, he carried out his activity mainly in this city.