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Not just a tourist portal but the multimedia platform of the Heritage Project, the result of about 30 years of study and research that can be used free of charge for the entire community. About 30.000 pages of which over 10.000 are images in the thematic databases containing over 5.000 points of tourist interest (it is destined to be fully operational, to contain over 10.000). Nature, Archeology, Unesco Sites, Intangible Heritage, History and Culture of Sicily, to get to know and love Sicily.

The 30.000 pages of the platform are not a point of arrival but a starting point. Our goal is to reach over 100.000 web pages over the next few years. 

The multimedia platform focuses its attention on the historical, natural and cultural beauties of Sicily (and from 2018, also of Malta) and aims to become, by far, the most complete site with cultural content and tourist information in Sicily (and Malta) and rich existing on the net. General objective of the Heritage project is to contribute to the enhancement and promotion of the Sicilian and Maltese Cultural Heritage in all its forms from the tangible one (historical-artistic cultural heritage, landscape and natural heritage) to the intangible one (tradition, folklore, art, food and wine, typical crafts). The aim is to provide a service to promote the area, accessible free of charge to all and to contribute to the economic and tourist development of our island. 

The portal contains:

  1. Data Maps Heritage: First “GeoSocial” database of the cultural heritage (tangible and intangible) of Sicily and Malta 
  2. Guide to Unesco Sites: Detailed multimedia guides of all the Unesco sites of Sicily 
  3. Cities on the Net: Creation of local thematic areas with information on the main cities of Sicily (in a certain sense it is a question of creating city portals within the portal La Sicilia in Rete
  4. Sicily Thematic: Creation of areas related to specific themes of tourist interest (Nature, Archeology, Baroque, Folklore, etc.)
  5. Malta on the Net: Thematic area for the knowledge of the Maltese Cultural Heritage
  6. Tourist Destination Database: Database containing specific information related to itineraries and places of particular Sicilian and Maltese tourist interest (Active by 2020)
  7. Social: Social area open to the contribution of the community (Social Blog, Social Media Gallery, etc.) (Active by 2020)

Essential element of the project is Data Maps Heritage (DMH), a set of thematic databases of cultural heritage that can be integrated with each other in order to form a single database In substance DMH is the first "GeoSocial" database of Sicilian and Maltese cultural heritage that can be useful for:

  • Scholars: Students and anyone who wants to know Sicily through thousands of files accompanied by images of monuments and other tangible and intangible assets)
  • Turisti: Through a system of filters in the areas of the portal linked to the main tourist resorts and cities, the Tourist Map and the related cards of the most significant monuments (Monuments in Evidence) are displayed 

Data Maps Heritage is in turn visible in the form of individual thematic banks, among them

  • Archaeological Data Bank
  • Baroque database 
  • Museum database 
  • Database of the Castles
  • Nature database
  • Databank of the Enogastronomic Heritage
  • Material Assets Database 
  • Intangible assets database 
  • Multimedia database
  • Historical Archive Database 

All of this, obviously available for free for the entire community. The project is not an abstract idea, in fact, we invite you to see the progress to understand how the contents currently included make it unique from now on. 

I invite you to know in detail the Heritage project to understand how and why this portal was born. 

Ignazio CaloggeroSicily Heritage Project 

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