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Not a tourist portal but the multimedia platform of the Heritage Project, the result of about 30 years of study and research that can be used free of charge for the entire community, the portal therefore is not created for profit but simply to allow the community to enjoy the knowledge for free of the Cultural Heritage of Sicily, thanks to over 30.000 pages of which over 10.000 of images within the first multimedia archive of the Cultural Heritage of Sicily containing over 10.000 cataloged and georeferenced assets. General objective of Heritage project is to contribute to the enhancement and promotion of the Sicilian Cultural Heritage in all its forms from the tangible one (historical-artistic cultural heritage, landscape and natural heritage) to the intangible one (tradition, folklore, art, food and wine, typical crafts) by providing a service of knowledge and promotion of the territory, accessible for free to all and contributing to the economic and tourist development of our island.

An essential element of the project is the "Heritage" Cultural Heritage Telematic Archive, a new generation database containing the material and immaterial cultural heritage of Sicily and Malta and has the following characteristics which are typical of web 3.0:

  • GeoWeb: Information on geo-referenced interactive Google maps, localization and identification of the path to reach the property (where relevant). Some assets are also visible on Street view, therefore with a 360 ° view of the context in which the asset is located.
  • Social Web: Interactive cards containing text, images, videos and in-depth documents and with the possibility of inserting reviews, experiences. voting, comments and sharing on various social networks.
  • Multi thematic and Multi territorialThe archive allows the visualization on web pages of individual thematic and/or territorial instances. By assigning new categories and tags, you can create an unlimited number of thematic views.
  • Advanced Search: by keywords, phrases (full text), cities, places, locations or geographical areas chosen by the user, physical location of the user, categories, subcategories and tags
  • WikiWeb: possibility of autonomous management of the cards by the authors or collaborators themselves
  • Multilingual: the innovative neural machine translation system is used.

The Heritage Archive can be useful for:

  • Scholars: Students and anyone who wants to know Sicily through thousands of files accompanied by images of monuments and other tangible and intangible assets)
  • Turisti: Through a system of filters in the areas of the portal linked to the main tourist resorts and cities, the Tourist Map and the related cards of the most significant monuments (Monuments in Evidence) are displayed

I invite you to know in detail the Heritage project to understand how and why this portal was born.

Ignazio CaloggeroSicily Heritage Project


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