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The database is an integral part of the Tourism Catalog, includes the tourist offers of Sicily and Malta (in particular tourist packages) linked to visits to tourist destinations or the use of specific events, in turn divided according to the type of tourist service and tourism sector concerned (food and wine, sustainable, accessible, cultural, experiential, naturalistic, bathing, hiking, folkloristic, congress, thermal, sports, etc.). Obviously, in the case of integrated tourist offers, several categories will be applied at the same time. 

Tourism Catalog

Note: The standard promotion of Structures (hospitality and catering), Shops and tourist services falls within the Tourist Services Database to which we refer for more information.


How to enter tourist offers

Unlike what is foreseen for the BD Tourist Services where it is possible to insert one's own structure or services independently, for the Tourist Offers, a phase of pre-acceptance of the offers is currently envisaged. Here are the operational steps:

1) Tour Operators must send to information, images and address of the places associated with the offer and specifying the type of tourist offer (food and wine, sustainable, accessible, cultural, experiential, naturalistic, seaside, etc.). Obviously, in the case of integrated tourist offers, it is possible to indicate more categories Ex: Experiential Offer and Enogastronomic Tourism.

2) The editorial staff will carry out checks in order to establish the correct assignment of the category, reserving the right not to accept certain categories or to recommend, before acceptance, categories other than those reported or the inclusion in the Tourist Services Database

3) In case of acceptance, we will send a confirmation email with the information necessary to proceed and make the payment based on the option chosen (Standard or Extra Insertion)  

4) the initial insertion will be carried out by the staff of the Helios Study Center, all subsequent changes can be made independently by the Tour Operators or entrusted to our Staff 

In the event that the offer is already present in the database, it is possible to request control in order to autonomously manage one's area. The structure inserted will be visible only after approval by the editorial staff.

Entry types:

(€ 30) description field; Entering telephone, email and social network contacts; Link to the website; Photo Gallery: 10 photos; Selectable categories: 3; Google Map: YES; Duration max. publication: 1 year.

Extra (€ 90) description field: YES; Entering telephone, email and social network contacts: YES; Link to the website: YES; Photo Gallery: unlimited; Selectable categories: unlimited; Contact form: YES; Multilocation: Yes, 3 locations; Google Map: YES; Highlighted Publication: Yes, 90 days; Max publication duration: 1 year.

 The web pages inserted in the circuit are of the wikiweb type therefore they can be inserted and managed in a completely autonomous way by the owners of the same pages. For those who request it, we can make the initial insertion and / or subsequent changes ourselves.


The Databases 3.0

The characteristic of these databases is that they are of the 3.0 type, ie the interactive type where the individual pages / cards can be managed in real time and autonomously by the users. Basically they are Promotional Pages where you can report your business, your company or your services. Many innovative features: search for content by name or via free text (DatabaseWeb), georeferencing of contents, identification of routes to reach the selected places (GeoWeb), detailed tabs with images and compatibility with mobile device screens (Multi-device), ability to enter information in real time and autonomously by users (WikiWeb), oriented to Social Networks (Social Web) and finally, Multilingual.

The contents of the database are visible in all areas concerning cities and places of tourist interest. It is also possible to view the structures of the Data Bank within the Commercial Tourist Data Bank of Sicily which, in addition to containing information on the Sicilian Cultural Heritage, also contains information on all the tourist offers of the Sicilian territory.

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Database of the Tourism Sector Tourist Services
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