Baroque of the Val di Noto - Vol. 1: World Heritage Baroque

Baroque World Heritage Site
Cathedral of San Giorgio -Ragusa (Photo © Ignazio Caloggero)

Author: Ignazio Caloggero - ISBN: 9788894321920 ISBN-A: 10.978.88943219/20

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The book is the first volume of the series: "Barocco del Val di Noto", photographic and in-depth work on the Baroque of Val di Noto and in particular the baroque of the municipalities included within the UNESCO site “The late Baroque cities of the Val di Noto (south-eastern Sicily)”. The municipalities involved are 8: Noto, Palazzolo Acreide, Scicli, Modica, Ragusa, Militello Val Di Catania, Caltagirone, Catania.

Catania Cathedral (Photo © Ignazio Caloggero)

The multivolume work is made up as follows:

  • Vol. 1: Baroque World Heritage Site
  • Vol. 2: Ragusa
  • Vol.3: Modica and Scicli
  • Vol.4: Noto and Palazzolo Acreide
  • Vol.5: Caltagirone and Militello in Val di Catania
  • Vol. 6: Catania

The first volume illustrates the Baroque style, its history and the main Italian and Sicilian characters who have influenced the style which some call the "non-style". In addition, the UNESCO recognition card is illustrated and the difference between monuments and sites actually included in the World Heritage List (World Heritage List).

All the other volumes instead describe, accompanied by a rich photographic documentation (over 700 images), the main monuments testifying to the late Baroque falling in the 8 municipalities interested in UNESCO recognition.

St. George
Cathedral of San Giorgio - Modica (Photo © Ignazio Caloggero)

The work “Barocco del Val di Noto precedes 8 tourist and multimedia guides, one for each city affected by UNESCO recognition, where the entire cultural heritage will be described: historical-artistic, naturalistic, archaeological, intangible and enogastronomic heritage. Each guide will also include useful information for tourists, including information on accommodation and catering facilities and tourist services in general.

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CaltagironeBridge of San Francesco - Caltagirone (Photo © Ignazio Caloggero)


The Baroque. 8

Baroque: history and meaning. 8

Characteristics of the Baroque style. 8

Baroque in Sicily. 10

Images of the Sicilian Baroque. 11

The Characters of the Italian Baroque .. 23

GianLorenzo Bernini 23

Francis Borromini 25

Baldassarre Longhena. 26

Guarino Guarini 27

Philip Juvara. 28

Iacopo Robusti "Tintoretto". 29

Caravaggio. 30

Annibale Carracci 31

Peter of Cortona. 32

Peter Paul Rubens. 33

The Characters of Sicilian Baroque. 34

James Amato. 34

Rosario Gagliardi 36

Francis Battaglia. 39

Stephen Ittar. 41

Angelo Italy. 44

Francesco Paolo Labisi 46

Thomas Naples 48

Andrew Palma. 49

Gian Battista Vaccarini 51

Peter Paul Vasta. 54

Vincent Sinatra. 55

Inclusion in the World Heritage List. 57

UNESCO recognition. 57

Ragusa. 62

Modica. 65

Scicli 67

Known. 69

Palazzolo Acreide. 71

Catania. 73

Caltagirone. 75

Militello in Val di Catania. 77

The Sicily Heritage Project .. 79

Bibliography .. 82

Baroque World Heritage Site

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