Atlas of Cultural Itineraries of Europe

curated by Ignazio Caloggero


The Atlas is made up of two integrated multimedia databases:

  • Atlas of Paths: physically practicable routes.
  • Atlas of Cultural Routes and Routes: mainly thematic routes.

The project also involves the association of thematic interactive multimedia maps, including walking paths, bridle paths, donkey paths, cycle paths and river paths. The thematic maps will also be divided into regional maps in order to highlight specific areas. The first to be implemented is the regional area of ​​Sicily. 

The Atlas of Cultural Itineraries interfaces with the ACTASP archive (Archive of Tourism, Arts, Entertainment and Cultural Heritage Skills), allowing the identification of both professionals and other stakeholders who can be linked, directly or indirectly, to various paths or itineraries catalogued. For experiential activities, it will be possible to identify experiential offers and tourist operators capable of providing such activities.

In the cataloged cards, a detailed route of the route will also be visible, represented on an interactive map, and will also include information on the main historical, artistic, religious, cultural, landscape and naturalistic points of interest (POI).

For each path catalogued, the project involves different phases. Initially, the route is inserted into the interactive path maps. Subsequently, an information sheet is created for the multimedia archive and points of interest (POI) are inserted into the route itself. Therefore, in the initial stages of the project, the interactive thematic maps may not yet include the link to the multimedia archive card or adequate reporting of the Points of Interest (POI).

Only the interactive map of the Atlas (global view) and the thematic maps relating to Sicily will be included in this area, referring you to the website for details of the multimedia archive of the entire Atlas.  Experiential itineraries  As regards the Sicilian territory, the project will be correlated with the Ancient Paths and Historical Itineraries of Sicily, this in order to make a comparison between the historical routes of Sicily and the current routes present in the Atlas.  

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