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Forest populations with native speciesProximitySeaWCArchaeological area Wildlife area

Area OverviewAreaRichMushroomsAbsencesBarriereBBQBowls field

ChapelCascataCastleRuderiMonumentalWaste basketsChurchAbazia

Endemic FaunaFloraEndemicLittle FountainsGames for childrenmountain bike

Forest MuseumCar parkingPicnicPresenceAvifauna

PointBaseExcursionsForest RefugePathNature

The Symbols are taken from the out-of-commerce brochure on state-owned equipped areas in Sicily, edited by the State Forests of the Sicilian region, whose editorial coordination was carried out by the 8 ° Group - Promotion, Development and Research.

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Symbology of State Equipped Areas

State Equipped Areas of Sicily

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