The wedding of the Count of Paris to Isabella d'Orleans Braganza.jpg is celebrated in Palermo
Palermo, PA, Italy
481 Via Vittorio Emanuele Palermo Sicily 90134 IT

The wedding of the Count of Paris to Isabella d'Orleans Braganza is celebrated in Palermo

Light Newspaper A0766 dated 04/1931
Sequence description: The Cathedral of Palermo where the wedding between Henry of Bourbon France, Count of Paris and Isabella d'Orléans Braganza are about to be celebrated; descriptive sequences of the Temple; the streets around are crowded waiting for the wedding procession; Cardinal Lavitrano archbishop of Palermo arrives and will celebrate the rite; Isabella d'Orléans Braganza leaves the Archbishop's Palace on the arm of her father, Prince Pietro; the long veil of the hairstyle is supported by a dignitary; the bride smiles a little shyly, responding to people's greetings; the wedding procession; there are representatives of the European ruling houses and representatives of the diplomatic corps; the route from the Archbishop's Palace to the Duomo; the entrance into the church; at the end of the rite the spouses leave preceded by the knights of honor; the sequence makes it possible to distinguish the details of the splendid bride's dress completed by a long train veil; over the veil a precious lace held by a tiara; a long necklace of pearls around the neck; to the dangling ears of pearls; the bride and groom get into the car that will take them to Palazzo d'Orléans where the reception will take place; the dignitary who has supported the veil gets on the same car; the procession is recomposed; are recognizable:; Prince Pietro d'Orléans giving his arm to the mother of the bridegroom Duchess of Guise; the Infante Louise of Bourbon on the arm of Sir Ronald Graham, ambassador of England to Rome; Prince Paolo of Greece with Princess Margherita of Bourbon Parma; Amedeo III of Aosta; the guests take their seats in the cars that take turns at the exit of the Duomo; the park of Palazzo d'Orléans with the hunting lodge; the bride and groom looking out on the balcony of the Palace throw roses on the crowd of guests who try to grab them on the fly; the celebratory speeches; the leader of the French monarchists Léon Daudet; the greeting of the Camelots du Roi; the knights bow and kiss the hand of the new Princess of Bourbon France; in the park the spouses acclaimed by the guests; Isabella and Enrico at the head of the long procession of guests;

The wedding of the Count of Paris to Isabella d'Orleans Braganza is celebrated in Palermo

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