Cultural Heritage Archive "Heritage"

The "Heritage" telematic archive of cultural heritage is a new generation database containing the assets of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Sicily and Malta and has the following characteristics that are typical of web 3.0: 

  • GeoWeb: Information on geo-referenced interactive Google maps, localization and identification of the path to reach the property (where relevant). Some assets are also visible on Street view, therefore with a 360 ° view of the context in which the asset is located.
  • SocialWeb: Interactive cards containing text, images, videos and in-depth documents and with the possibility of inserting reviews, experiences. voting, comments and sharing on various social networks. 
  • Multi thematic and Multi territorialThe archive allows the visualization on web pages of single thematic and / or territorial instances. By assigning new categories and tags it is possible to create an unlimited number of thematic views.
  • Advanced Search: by keywords, phrases (full text), cities, places, locations or geographical areas chosen by the user, physical location of the user, categories, subcategories and tags
  • WikiWeb: possibility of autonomous management of the cards by the authors or collaborators themselves 
  • Multilingual: the innovative neural machine translation system is used.

The Heritage Archive is a non-profit public archive and its nature is exclusively of an informative and scientific nature. To understand how it works: "Heritage" Cultural Archive

  • Thematic Archives
  • Territorial Archives
  • Map
  • Feedback

Attention: the following moments of the Heritage Archive contain a large number of contents, therefore it will be necessary to wait several seconds for the page to be displayed. For a faster visualization we recommend the use of territorial or thematic archives

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The Heritage Archive is part of a larger project (Heritage project) which sees the cataloging and geolocation of the Sicilian and Maltese Cultural Heritage (tangible and intangible), at the moment about 7.500 goods and places of cultural tourist interest have been cataloged, we expect to reach 10.000 by 2021 and 12.000 goods by 2022 (data and objective updated to August 2021).

Note on the generations of the Heritage Archive

  • First Generation (1995): “Access” database offline only
  • Second Generation (2004): “Web Access” database searchable online, text only
  • Third Generation (2010): “Visual” database in Mysql, searchable online - text and images
  • Fourth Generation (2014): Dedicated database searchable Online integrated with Google Maps and web 3.0 technology (Georeferenced, Responsive, Wiki, Advanced search)
  • Fifth Generation (2020): Online "GeoSocial" Archive (Georeferenced, Social, Multi-thematic, Territorial, Advanced Search)

Note: The Heritage Archive is a non-profit public archive but its nature is exclusively informative and scientific. The contents of the same come from various sources, from the authors of the cards, from the cited scientific documentation or from the web. For this latter aspect, reference is made when indicated on the following page: Disclaimer 

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