Ancient Walks and Historical Itineraries of Sicily

The "Ancient Paths and Historical Itineraries of Sicily" project, which in turn is part of the "Heritage Sicily", Is not for profit, it is proposed solely as a cultural and scientific project open to the community and has a dual objective:

  • Identify and catalog the ancient paths and historical itineraries of Sicily so that they can be of support for those who, at a later stage, want to identify itineraries and hiking, experiential and ecomuseum itineraries as faithful as possible to the ancient paths
  • Creation of the Charter of Hiking, Experiential and Ecomuseum Itineraries, associated with the Historical Routes (Multimedia Map of the "CMIE" Experiential Itineraries)

The project is based on the following four pillars:

  • References: In-depth studies that see various bibliographic sources (including the works of Tommaso Fazello, Biagio Pace, Michele Amari, Adolfo Holm, Giovanni Uggeri, Luigi Sant'Agata and many others)
  • Maps: analysis of ancient cartography (about 20 ancient maps have been made available online to the community)
  • Archeology: analysis of the archaeological sites of Sicily (the first Multimedia Archaeological Map of Sicily (CAMS) containing over 3.500 archaeological sites was created).
  • Sharing and Transparency: The results of the study are and will be made public e published online and made available to the scientific community and the community including information on the sources (bibliography and cartography), on the scientific methodology used and on the ways in which the individual sections of the various paths identified are identified.

At the moment (April 2022) routes (basic routes) have been published for over 3.000 km of routes including the main Greek, Roman and cross roads mentioned by Biagio Pace. These routes, as Biagio Pace himself recalls, citing Paolo Orsi, must be traced back, in many places, to more ancient times, dating back to the Sicilians, Sicans, Elimi and other prehistoric populations. The project is carried out by Ignazio Caloggero and sees the Helios Study Center and AIPTOC - the Italian Association of Tourism Professionals and Cultural Operators as promoters. From this page it will be possible to access the progress of the project and the in-depth articles related to it that will be published gradually. (refer to page "The details" for further information)

It is clarified, where necessary, that the Paths identified and published online (in the various phases of incremental refinement: A, B and C)  ARE NOT they are the Paths as indicated in the Law 7 of 13/04/2022 of the Sicily Region but only a support tool for those who still want to create Paths that meet the requirements of the Law 7/2022 of the Sicily region, reducing possible risks of creating false historians.

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