Ancient Walks and Historical Itineraries of Sicily

curated by Ignazio Caloggero

The 'Ancient Paths and Historical Itineraries of Sicily' project is a non-profit cultural and scientific initiative, open to the community. The project has two main objectives:

  1. Cataloging the ancient paths and historical itineraries of Sicily, thus providing useful support for those looking for hiking, experiential and eco-museum itineraries and routes that respect the historicity of the ancient paths as much as possible.
  2. Develop the “Map of the Paths of Sicily, an interactive map that connects the hiking, experiential and ecomuseum routes to the historical and religious paths, enriching the experience of those who follow them.

To achieve the first objective, the following operational phases have been envisaged:

  1. Analysis of sources and preparation of multimedia cartography
  2. Preparation of the Multimedia Archaeological Map of Sicily (CAMS)
  3. Preparation of the Historical Routes Map of Sicily (CPSS) which includes (*)
    • 3.1 Map of the Sicilian, Greek and Roman Roads and Crossroads
    • 3.2 Map of the Paths and Royal Trazzere 
    • 3.3 Map of Historical and Religious Paths

(*) Maps 3.2 and 3.3 have been added starting from 2024 following the review of the entire project. The three cards, although categorized separately, should not be understood as completely distinct. Often, in fact, a path, a royal path or a religious path can overlap with much older routes, creating a historical and cultural connection of great value.

Each stage is a dynamic process. Following the application of the principle of continuous improvement, continuous reviews are envisaged within each single phase and consequently of the entire process.

Currently, the project is considered a 'Preparatory Study' for the reconstruction of the ancient paths of Sicily on an interactive map, with the routes subject to constant improvements thanks to the contributions of the scientific community."

The Project is created by Ignazio Caloggero and sees the Helios Study Center and AIPTOC - Italian Association of Tourism Professionals and Cultural Operators as promoting bodies. From this page it will be possible to access the progress of the project and the in-depth articles related to it which will gradually be published. (refer to the page "Details and methodological notes" for further information)

It is clarified, as indicated on the page "Details and methodological notes"  that in its first incremental phases the project should be understood as a "Preparatory Study for a reconstruction on an interactive map of the ancient paths of Sicily" and that all phases of incremental refinement are subject to continuous improvements, thanks to the contributions of the scientific community.

It is also clarified, where necessary, that the Paths identified and published online (in the various phases of incremental refinement: A, B and C) are NOT the Paths as indicated in Law 7 of 13/04/2022 of the Sicily Region, but they represent only a support tool for those who wish to create routes that comply with the requirements set out in Law 7/2022 of the Sicily Region. This approach aims to reduce the risk of creating misinterpretations or historical falsehoods.

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